A word from the founders

R Evolution Voyages is above all a story of encounters!

Bruno and Monia met in Kenya, both from the tourism industry. Their romance led them on a trip to Cuba, where they fell in love with the destination. What triggered their love affair was the sense of joy and resilience palpable in the Cuban air, and above all the encounters with the locals, who live their lives with their hearts in their hands! Both deeply passionate about their profession, the Cuban call was an obvious one: “Let’s open an incoming agency in Cuba! And that’s how this wonderful story began!

15 years and several thousand encounters later, the desire to open up to another culture took shape: “Let’s open an incoming agency in Colombia!
Colombia, like a second wind, allowed R Evolution Voyages to step out of its comfort zone and renew itself on a daily basis!
A country of surprising beauty, with landscapes changing from one region to another, it’s hard not to succumb to its charm.

And now… now this story is being written as a family! Ianisse, Bruno & Monia’s daughter, is now taking part in this wonderful adventure, much to their delight!

The aim of the R Evolution Voyages team is to share all these wonderful encounters with you to make your trip unforgettable!

“Life’s encounters are like the wind. Some just brush against our skin, others blow us over. – Nathan Malory

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Our key figures

5 important figures for us, because they mean a lot ! They sum up our experience, our history and the special relationship between (R) Evolution Voyages, Cuba and Colombia.

25 people

Split between Havana, Lyon and Colombia

3 Countries

France our roots, Cuba our love at first sight, Colombia our second wind

17 Years

D’histoires humaines, de sourires, de découvertes et d’émotions !

9 Properties

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cuba

400 Thousand Km²

The country is covered by the fabulous Amazonian forest

Our destinations


Discover Cuba

Embark on an adventure aboard an old American car and let yourself be surprised by the treasures that Cuba has to offer.
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Discover Colombia

Embark on a journey to marvel at the beauty of Colombian cities and nature – they await your discovery!